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02-26-2013, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
...Well regardless of what it would take, it wouldn't be offered so why are we even arguing this? Just be happy with Subban and stop placing values on Flyers players just because you feel like declaring Subban an artificial worth. I can say Giroux would take you trading Subban + Pacioretty + Galchenyuk + 1st, but what's the point of saying that if it's just going to turn things into a pissing contest?

Also, Subban is good, but he's not Weber. And he's not going to be Weber. So let's stop this.
What? lolll your Giroux example doesnt even make any sense with Subban and Cooter?
and No Subban will never be a Weber because first its not even the same style of
defensemen... your comparing an offensive rocket with hands and a sick wrist shot
and slap shot with a Pronger like defensemen..
its like saying Doughty will never be a Pronger...
even tho Doughty is one of the best defensemen of the league..
your comparing 2 different types of players... Both are as important for their
teams. just different styles..
anyway Giroux is good but i still wouldnt give Subban for Giroux.
not because of lack of skill but because of team needs..
we already have too much small payers.. adding giroux would be great
but we would be even smaller as a team. so Subban would help more
in our situation.

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