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02-26-2013, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Not to mention your scouts made out like bandits with their 2nd to late round picks. And the Flyers handed you Sharp on a silver platter
Mike Smith gets alot of flak in Chicago because as GM his trades were mostly awful , His Russians heartless bums and his 1st draft was absolute failure (Yakubov and Vorobiev back to back in 1st round)

But he did get Hawks on right path and his drafting really was underated (Picked alot of NHL talent)

Tallon sucked at everything but trades ,, He had alot of steals and the Sharp deal is #1

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Well, whatever the Hawks are doing now, it's pretty incredible.

I want to see how they handle some adversity, though.
I am not to worried to be honest. Hawk players expect to lose at some point and this is a vet core with cup experience so losing wont throw them into downward spiral IMO

Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
It also helps that the CHI GM was able to fully stock their system with good young players/picks moving Barker, Byfuglien, Versteeg, etc as well. They maximized their assets. Great job. Wish the Rangers would do the same

Jus' sayin'
Bowman actually didn't get all that great of value looking back on it outside of Barker deal. Looking at young players/prospects/assets acquired in end

Barker trade = D Nick Leddy
Versteeg trade = LW/RW Viktor Stalberg , LW Phillipe Paradis and Chris Didomenico
Byfuglien trade = LW Jeremy Morin , 1st round pick (W/C Kevin Hayes) and 2nd round pick (D Justin Holl)
Ladd trade = D Ivan Vishnevskiy and 2nd round pick (D Adam Clendening)

Barker deal was HR by Stan Bowman but really not alot of quality so far from rest

Stalberg is solid NHL'er now , Morin is a above average prospect , Hayes is a 3rd line type prospect who may or may not pan out and Clendening is a young PMD prospect

Vish went back to Russia , Paradis is bust and Dido was god awful

Really Ladd deal looks bad , Steeger deal look meh , Buff deal the jury is still out on and Leddy being amazing pickup

The system has been mostly rebuilt by Bowman's drafting /trading

- Picked Saad in rd 2 along with Clendening
- Picked McNeill and TT in round 1 with Hawks pick
- Traded Brouwer for a 1st round pick (Used on Danault)
- Traded for Jimmy Hayes at 2010 draft (Moving a 2nd for him)
- Selected Shaw in 5th round

Dale Tallon left the Hawks system empty (High busts like Beach/Skille) , Weak 1st rounder like Olsen , etc

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