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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
then you should have ASKED that, so i could ignore & not respond.

thats GM / fantasy hockey talk. i DON'T CARE about the salary cap. NONE, repeat NONE of my comments about his performance [good or bad] have EVER been skewed by "how much money he makes / his cap hit / contract length"

he's the Flyers MVP & has kept them in nearly every game he has started, has had no media circus exploits, and stolen a few games along the way, too, while being over all solid [my criticism of him the last 2 games included]

play GM all you want. i'm discussing his performance on the ice.
His one ice performance has been inconsistent to say the least. Sure he's had his hot streaks, every goalie does. Hell, you might notice the record holder for longest consecutive shutout streak in the modern era is currently warming our bench. But he's also been prone to giving up back breaking soft goals and going through stretches of terrible play.

Is he the worst goalie in the NHL? No obviously not. But from a purely on ice perspective he's certainly not elite either. If you don't want to even think about the salary cap or GM stuff that's fine but the reality is that cap management is a pretty huge part of today's NHL and it's irresponsible to allot such a significant cap number to a player that could barely be considered above average.

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