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Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
MacKinnon is future NHL star. Petan playing with nobody of that caliber. Petan raised the point totals of some linematess but none of his linemates has MacKinnon's talent. Looked how Drouin's play came down when the playing field was level like the Top Prospects Game?

Actually, would not be suprised if Petan ends up better all around player as his +/- blows Drouin out of the rink despite Drouin playing with better linemates. Quite often player taken late first round ends up better player than top picks. Drouin we have zero chance of drafting but Petan an equal player, we have an opportunity to draft.

I compared Petan's numbers to Gallagher's. At same age of 18. Where they same league and roughy same size at 18. Petan should score 80ish points at NHL someday as I have Gallagher average 50ish points NHLer. Petan higher offensively talent than Gallagher at 18. Gallagher more feisty but Petan more value also as natural center
What does being a "future NHL star" have to do with with who is better in junior? That is also debateable, maybe MacKinonn ends up a wanna-be actor like Alex Daigle.

The guys Petan plays with are more productive JUNIOR players than what Druoin plays with.

You are putting way too much weight on the prospects game. Scouts like it but it's still just ONE game where players can have a great or crappy night. Drouin played against better competition at the WJHC and did great especially for a 17 year old in that tournament. MacKinnon also did nothing yet you still label him as a "future NHL star", double standard?

I don't think any scout that has seen both has Petan as an "equal" to Drouin, not on this planet.

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