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Originally Posted by Oiltankjob 4 93 64 View Post
Yes right after he was drafted by Edmonton Bravo and was now a meh prospect Look at the love affair right up till Oilers drafted him
The thread I posted was from June 12th. The draft was June 22nd. Please don't just make stuff up for absolutely no reason.

People debated if Yakupov should be the 1st overall pick. Injuries were a big factor in the 2012 draft, with both Galchenyuk and Rielly going in the top 5 despite having significant injuries in their draft years. Look at how much the top 5 for this upcoming draft has changed over the past 6 months, if Drouin/Jones had been injured all year, they wouldn`t currently be in contention for the #1 overall spot, so it definitely changes things.

Hockey analysts as well pointed out that it would be hard to justify taking somebody other than Yakupov as the #1 pick because he had a high skill level and less question marks, but that there were definitely a number of prospects who looked like they could easily become better players.

A lot of comparisons to Ovechkin vs Malkin were raised. Wingers are simply the least important position on a team and the least able to control a game, so unless a winger is distinctly more talented than the centres/defencemen/goalies available, then they're not going to be the best choice.

So pretending that people praising Galchenyuk over Yakupov right now is ONLY because of the last month or so, and not because of historical expectations, is simply incorrect.

Now it`s only ~1.5 months into the first season after their draft, so debating about who's the best is still very premature, and Yakupov could very well end up being the best player. But he isn't and hasn't ever been the unanimous choice for that.

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