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02-26-2013, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by ONO94 View Post
For the Jets game on the second goal--while Cam should've have flat out stopped the shot, Corvo turns his back to the man with the puck and allows a pass to go to the goal scorer that would have never have happened had Corvo actually been skating backwards like a defenseman should. The puck may actually have even gone off of Corvo's skate as he turns around.
This replay makes more sense of what Corvo was doing there:

He couldn't really have done much more than he did, being caught in no-man's-land and then having to step out on Antropov when Jokinen went down. He couldn't have played out on Antropov and then covered Kane at the post. Whether it the shot hit his skate or not is tough to tell, but either way it was a pretty soft shot from a long distance.

For the Lightning game--I don't know if Harrison should maybe get a minus on the first goal as well. The pass and shot are pretty bang-bang, but Harrison is actually trying to cross check the shooter up high instead of worrying about the stick of a player two feet from his goalie. He really just skated into no-man's land where he couldn't defend the pass or the shot and then didn't do much to move a much smaller guy out of the crease area.
That one's a whole lot closer... I'm really not sure. Anyone else have an opinion on that one? (talking about the 2nd TB goal here)

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