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02-26-2013, 01:04 PM
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Panthers and the Impending Realignment

Not a lot of people have been talking about it here but I think its an interesting topic for discussion and Bobby Mac talked about the NHL proposal to the PA today.

The Panthers are one of the few teams which realignment will have a big impact.

As per the proposal the new system would include 2 divisions of each conference.

The Panthers would be in the same division as Tampa, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo, Boston, and Detroit.

We would play 5-6 games a year against these team and a home and away against every other team outside the division in the nhl.

The Playoffs would include the top 3 teams in the division and 2 wildcard teams from the conference (not the division).

My Take: There are pluses and minuses to this scheme in terms of where the panthers fit. For one its great for business as much as we hate them invading our arena, these fans help our bottom line detroit fits into that category as well. I also think being in that division allows the panthers to be publicized a lot more and should take more of a center stage in terms of national broadcasts which could be great since we are turning a corner in the coming years.

However, that division is easily the toughest in hockey. I think given the new rules it would be more difficult for budget teams like our own to consistently make the playoffs.

What are your thoughts?

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