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02-26-2013, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by surixon View Post
You have it backwards Nash kept his mouth shut and handled his request professionally, it was the gm that pouted and the loss of leverage is all on Howsen. It was Howsen that threw a tampertantrum in an interview where he states Nash asked for a trade. If anything that is what cost Columbus its leverage and they ended up accepting a worse deal because of it.

While I'm no Nash fan I dont blame him in the least for wanting out of that gong show. Not sure why you are being so hard on him, its not lime he jumped ship the first chance he got. He legitimatly tried to make it work there but eventually had enough of the organization floundering. I'm hoping that bringing in Davidson will turn things around for that market.
Yep, nothing but respect for how Nash has handled himself. Calling him a coach-killer is ridiculous - Columbus was never a decent team.

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