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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
I don't necessarily agree. This makes it sound like he's got average talent and creativity and 90% of his points are because of hard work. I personally don't believe that's the case at all.

I remember watching him his draft year and I was really impressed with him and put him in my top 30 (24th). This wasn't because of hard work but because of overall hockey smarts.

This is the same as applying this 'everyone has a ceiling' theory to Zdeno Chara back in 2001-02 and basically saying, he just doesn't have the offense to be a top pairing guy.

1999-00 New York Islanders NHL 65gp 2g 9a 11pts
2000-01 New York Islanders NHL 82gp 2g 7a 9pts
2001-02 Ottawa Senators NHL 75gp 10g 13a 23pts
2002-03 Ottawa Senators NHL 74gp 9g 30a 39pts
2003-04 Ottawa Senators NHL 79gp 16g 25a 41pts
2004-05 Farjestads BK Karlstad SEL 33gp 10g 15a 25pts
2005-06 Ottawa Senators NHL 71gp 16g 27a 43pts
2006-07 Boston Bruins NHL 80gp 11g 32a 43pts
2007-08 Boston Bruins NHL 77gp 17g 34a 51pts
2008-09 Boston Bruins NHL 80gp 19g 31a 50pts
2009-10 Boston Bruins NHL 80gp 7g 37a 44pts
2010-11 Boston Bruins NHL 81gp 14g 30a 44pts
2011-12 Boston Bruins NHL 79gp 12g 40a 52pts
2012-13 Boston Bruins NHL 15gp 3g 5a 8pts

Everyone would have agreed with you on Chara back then too.
First of all, Chara is a completely different case since it was as much getting comfortable in that massive frame. He basically had to add a lot of muscle to get the coordination necessary. That took years and there was no way of getting around it.

Secondly, I'd argue that Chara's offensive ceiling is that of a forward hitting 65 points. Chara can put up 50 points on an excellent team where he gets all the best PP time and so on. A pure offensive guy like Green and Karlsson can put up 80 points in the same situation.

Third, of course O'Reilly has talent. He just has less of it compared to guys like Tavares and Duchene. Tavares has perhaps a ceiling of 110 points and Duchene at 90p.

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