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02-26-2013, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Oh, I'm positive he'd be reunited with Landy tomorrow if Sacco had an ounce of sense.

You're selling the kid short--yes, he did benefit from more ice time and being paired with a hotshot rookie. But he also scored those points while also tasked with shutting down the opposition's top lines and taking a majority of defensive zone draws. It's not as if Sacco sheltered the kid like you do a lot of top line players.

He has the potential to be a legit top line center in this league. It's okay to question that, it's true that we've only seen one breakout season, but it was a hell of a season for a kid who's not yet 23. I think it's at least safe to say he's way more than a 3rd liner though.

Honestly if he were to come back tomorrow I'd try a line of Landeskog - O'Reilly - Stastny and see what happens. Yes, I realize that could be a slow line, but I'd be curious to see Stazz back at the wing and possibly being the setup guy for O'Reilly's one-timer, which keeps getting better and better.

But I suppose that's a pipe dream. O'Reilly's not playing again for the Avs.
I'm not selling him short at all. I said he has 2C potential but right now, its just that, potential. Just like Duchene has 1C potential, but the difference is he is proving to everyone that he can be a legitimate 1C with his play this season; If O'Reilly wanted to prove to people he deserves the money then he should have signed a contract.

Say this goes on for another two weeks hypothetically, and in that time Landeskog and Stastny find great chemistry with one another. I wouldn't break up that line just because O'Reilly signs. I'd play O'Reilly on the 3rd line because he is undeserving of top line treatment at this point.

Traded, he gets the opportunity (barring the team's centre depth being insane) to become a 2C and maybe, just maybe a 1C but that's not going to happen on this team

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