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Originally Posted by Crayton View Post
I'd still throw a line to the 8-6-16 three conference proposal, where half of each conference makes the playoffs and a 16th team is put in the centrally-located Central Conference playoff.

1 Montreal vs. 8 Carolina
2 Pittsburgh vs. 7 Detroit
3 Ottawa vs. 6 Toronto
4 Boston vs. 5 New Jersey

1 Anaheim vs. 4 San Jose
2 Vancouver vs. 3 Los Angeles

1 Chicago vs. 4 Tampa Bay (wild-card)
2 Nashville vs. 3 St. Louis

Hmm, if an expanded playoff is really an idea, I suppose this single wild-card spot could be played for, between #16 and #17: Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia.
Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
This is the stupidest thing in the World. I HOPE this ONLY applies when 5 teams from one division make it in and 3 teams from the other get in. If it is 4 and 4, I hope it is strictly 1 v 4, 2 v 3. Please tell me I am reading this wrong, or please tell me Lebrun left out this detail.
I sure hope he left something out. That is crazy.

EDIT: see Tinalera below; yes, it does look like wild cards will stay within their conference, so this is just like the CFL system. (x2, because there are two conferences)

EDIT2: oops, yeah that doesn't answer if it stays divisional ALWAYS when it is 4 teams per division. I hope so. Why not.

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