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02-26-2013, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by JPG View Post
Well you can either look at from a glass half empty or glass half full perspective. My positive(sort of) outlook on it is:
- Extended roadtrips thru the north will cut down travel time and also allow for extended home game strecthes. I think the players would probably like that, as well as their families. Better than home for two days gone for two days/rinse and repeat.
- All the teams in that division are good draws in our arena (even if they are opposing fans).
- Even if our team is bad, if you are a fan of hockey at all you can't be upset at being able to watch good teams play in the arena consistently.
-If the team is not good, it will REALLY show in this division. Which is great because you won't get those mediocre 9th place finishes where you miss the playoffs AND get a crappy draft pick. Devil Rays in baseball have been in the same type of division and now their team is really good because they drafted high for so long.
youre last point is a really good one and one i havent considered. It behooves the team to be in a strong division even if theyre not good in a way.

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