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02-26-2013, 02:11 PM
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Anybody else want to note that those 7-team western divisions cannot (mathematically) each play 29 division games???

They will need to play their 6 division opponents 5 times a piece for 30 games. The stray game that needs to be dropped will be reducing a Pacific vs. Midwest game for each team.

6x5 = 30
7x3 = 21 (minus 1)
16x2 = 32
Total 83 (minus 1)

7x4 = 28 (+2?)
8x3 = 24 (+2?)
14x2 = 28
Total = 80 (+2)

Where do you think the extra 2 games should be played for those eastern teams? Divisional, to milk all you can out of certain rivalries? Conference, to have more teams playing an even number of games against one another?

At either rate, the EAST is looking almost exactly like the NBA, and they should look for smaller divisions (4 of 4) and/or have less guaranteed playoff spots (top 1 or 2 from each division) if they want their playoff format to match their season scheduling.

I've always thought the EAST could afford multiple (3 or 4) divisions and conference playoffs while it was really the WEST that needed to be put into only 2 divisions with divisional playoffs, even with today's scheduling format.

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