Thread: Post-Game Talk: Hawks Win 3-2 over the Oilers
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02-26-2013, 02:19 PM
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Hard to quibble when they keep winning despite the underwhelming margins and close games ---goaltending and D are great (well the Oduya-Hammer combo -- so well in sink--and Rosival -Leddy ---Rosival playing outstanding hockey to solidify that combo --Brookbank having trouble getting back in because what coach would dare take Rosival out -he's playing out of this world -I guess he wants to wina for the 2-7 numero uno pair--well it appears one of them goofs or loses focus at times--last night's gift goal coutesy Keith was a prime example--BUT when the 3-4 and 5-6 guys outplay the hiugher paid 1-2 guys -that IS the difference-making required to keep winning...Also our goaltending so much better this year...and the forwards committed to the work required to defend well..

So no complaints or few defensively..

Turning to the offense--nice to get contributions all over the lineup and from Kane's turnaround year---BUT the close margins of victory would be fewer and we would be much more dominating on the scoreboard IF Cap'n Serious and Sharpie were lighting the lamp more or getting multipont difference-maker games instead of NADA point games or the odd 1 asist game ...Even Hossa had a long stretch of NADA goal before his recent last 3 goals..

The point is some of our big guns are not filling the net enough though you can't crticize the effort to score-it is not laziness the culprit --just ineffective finishing due to opposing goalie efforts or bad luck --but STILL the big guns are not supposed to be this silent tooo long...It is a concern..

Finally it is not the number of shots we take on net but the number of quality chances we are failing to convert on that concerns me...SAAD is making world class speed-power -take-away moves for chances on goal or set-ups--he should be getting more reward --that is points --for those efforts but somehow not getting results that should be occurring from those efforts...Toews is dominating down low behind the net but somehow again the efforts are not converting to enough goals for the effort exerted...In short we are working hard but what ought to end in more goals for appears to be curtailed to lower scores for us than we ought to get,,,

Surely every goalie we run into cannot be "on" with his Georges Vezina imperonation ?
Surely like many teams each night we OUGHT to be getting some mediocrity and "off" games for opposing goalies--but it appears NOT!

Surely we OUGHT to get teams not trying as hard to beat us due to tiredness or simply because they cannot matchour talent --but instead it appears every team playsits best games trying for the honour of knocking us off our pedestal... Kudos to them all for daring to think they can hang with us and think they can beat us--and so TOO MANY teams we face seem to play their best games against us while stinking vs. the previousa or nest opponent...

With our talent AND our work level--we OUGHT to be dominating more on the scoreboard-it is just that opposing refuse to give us easy games..

Maybe we can "break out bigtime vs. STL ?

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