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02-26-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
Thank you. I do admit that is pretty effin sick idea because it eliminates the MLB situation that good teams in a stronger division can still make the playoffs.

Effin how stupid is the MLB for not making this idea, hahahaha.

So that means if we win our division and Vancouver was 5th in their division because it is stronger we have a chance to play them?
If Vancouver was 5th in their division, but had a better record than the team that was 4th in our division, yes.

What's not 100% clear is if the wild card teams stay in their own conference. I don't think either article specifically states that. I'm just assuming that's the case, because that would be kind of weird to ask the 1st place team to play a wild card team they've only seen twice during the year.

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