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02-26-2013, 02:28 PM
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Well 85 flex is the normal recommendation for someone your height but sounds like you played a high level in the past and might like a stiffer 100 flex? I know my uncle who played varsity and some juniors back in the day is under 6' but uses 100+ flex because he used to play with Sherwood 9950's.

Hard to say unless you try them out. Can you take some shots with some of the other guys' sticks in warmups? See what they feel like?

Also, around here Total Hockey has some great deals. You can get some $150-200 sticks for half price. I got a Miken Z9 last month and it's a really good stick, although if you're used to wood blades it might be a bit of a weird transition. Maybe try a 90 flex for them (closer to 100 flex for other brands)?

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