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Originally Posted by anleva View Post
Higher stars have higher correlation for future success. Yes, you can find low stars that were great and high stars that weren't. But statistically more higher ranked players are successful than lower ranked players.

Look at the list above for the top 25. Lots of 4 and 5 star players.

Also 2* players are usually players that have not been formally evaluated i.e. they haven't attended the evaluation camps where the analysts are. Usually if they have they will at least get a 3* ranking.
Star ratings are highly skewed towards the teams they commit to. If you watch them you will see many times when a team like Alabama picks up a 2*, the next update they will jump to a 3 or 4*. Now if that player committed to La Tech, they would stay a 2*. It happens all the time. I have even seen stars decrease when a player commits to a school. The whole stars thing is a sham. From 09-12 nearly the same amount of 2 stars and lower have been drafted in the 1st round as there have been 5*. 3 and 4* dominate drafts because they are players that do typically have more talent than the 2* and there are a huge amount of them out there (about 700-750 per year).

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