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02-26-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Rick Rypien Farts View Post
I never said that I didn't like Gud.

In fact, I do like Gud and his what he brings each night. I think he's still pretty young and has to improve on some areas to be as effect as possible in the NHL. His attitude and work ethic are admirable. Gud is a great asset.

I think we have a nice future on defense..

Kulikov, Strachan (27), Gudbranson, Robak, Petrovic, Matheson, (future 2013 2nd round pick - defenseman)

We have guys who project to be #1D, #2D, top-four pairing, etc

We do not have the same depth on offense.

Aside from Huberdeau.. Who projects to be a top-liner, let alone crack the top-six.. Bjugstad?

Look. Currently, our best line is Hub - Shore - Mueller. Aside from that, we have a bunch of guys scattered all over the place. We need long-term, high-end stability up front.

Adding MacKinnon or Drouin helps our chances of creating our own version of Kane/ Toews
Do you think Kulikov still projects to be a #1D though? After what you have seen this yr as well? Honestly, I still dont get why everyone thinks he's gonna develop that much more from what he currently is. Sure he's totally a top 4 d-man on any team in the league. And definitely a #3 guy in my book. But I dont see a #1 d-man in him anymore.

But if we did draft Jones, he's got more upside than Gudbranson (better offensive skillset) so he can be a good #1D. Guds has always been projected as a top pairing d-man who may or may not develop the offensive game more. He still has some time more to develop though as he's only appeared in 89 NHL games (both reg season & playoffs). Honestly, identify a player projected to go in the top 10 of that draft that is playing better than Guds now or projects that much better. Skinner is really the only guy that has been playing better and he was never expected to be a top 5 pick even. Guds has been solid and has looked like he will become a top pairing d-man. People complaining that you dont notice him drives me crazy because if you do notice him, it would be because he's doing some wrong and costing the team in some way.

As far as depth on the offensive side, we definitely have a lot of prospects that have top 6 projections. Ignoring Shore who's in the NHL right now and Bjugstad who you have already mentioned, there's Howden, Grimaldi, Trocheck & Rau that all have top 6 upside right now. Howden seems like the most sure thing and Grimaldi seems to have the most skill of that group. Grimaldi probably could be a top liner and HF has him projected that way too. A top line in the future of Huberdeau-Bjugstad-Grimaldi would be pretty solid and be extremely skilled. Really, Bjugstad would be the question mark on that line so adding a center who is a true top liner would be beneficial. MacKinnon, Barkov & Monahan seem like they could be upgrades on Bjugstad (with Mac being the only sure one definitely better).

But if it comes down to MacKinnon is already taken and we have to choose between Jones & lets say Barkov or Drouin, I would take Jones still even if we could use Barkov too. Jones just projects as an excellent NHL player, period. If we are picking 3rd for instance, I still go a different way than Drouin myself and take Barkov over him. Heck, right now I'm personally thinking we dont end up as low as everyone thinks and hope we can select Monahan who has been compared to Toews by several people.

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