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07-17-2006, 08:33 PM
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wow i can't believe how many people are missing the point...the point that the media is making it difficult for our team to sign new players and bring them her in montreal...they won't play for us becuase of how bad the media is!

Regardless of what you burn or how many channels you switch through the players are the ones getting flak...they have to read the paper they have to watch the news they have to go out in public through the media..they have to go to the press confrences and watch the news the next day to see if their comments were taking out of context..its getting ridiculous so much infact that we 're having trouble tryin to sign new talent.

I know many of you true habs fan understand and have stated you would support such a cause...where theres a will there is a way...but its you nay sayers "its all the fans doing" "it's never going to work" .and so on and so on... well guess what the fans are going to do something with your help or without it(hopefully with it). WE don't need our franchises reputation looking bad just so the media can sell some papers. Its hurting our players as well as their reputation and its hurting the teams future..

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