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02-26-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by wflames View Post
I think uneven conferences are not worth pursuing. I think that it was a huge mistake on the league's part to propose that sort of huge paradigm shift last year. They should have done a minor swap of teams (say Winnipeg for Nashville or something like that), and then they wouldn't be so desperate to do something drastic. If Winnipeg weren't in the Southeast, maybe it would be more realistic to simply wait until expansion.

I find it ironic that the league is planning changes before expansion actually happens, given they spend so much time telling cities not to make any decisions based on potential future expansion or relocation of NHL franchises.
If anything, this realignment doesn't consider potential expansion teams in Quebec City or Markham.

And to make things more equitable, the wild card teams should be able to cross-over between west/eastern conferences.

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