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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
I prefer the much more conservative ratings that NHL 13 gives out. Not even Gretzky is a 99 in that game. That implies a player who is generational in all facets of the game. No such player exists. The closest is Mike Trout I'd say, because he is great at everything, but even he maxes out at a 95 imo.

Also you have to consider what mid to high 90's means. Consider the legends of the game. If Andrew McCutchen is a 99 you're pretty much telling me he's as good as Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, and Hank Aaron. Afterall, those players couldn't possibly be rated any higher.
Well, at one point in time guys like McCutchen, Trout, or anyone really could be as good as those all time greats. That's all the number should represent, not their career value or anything.

I used to make custom rosters for MVP05. The goal when making rosters isn't to get the rating what anyone would perceive as right. It's to make it so the player performs in game with that number somewhere close to where he performs in real life. If it takes a 99 to do that then so be it.

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