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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post
All (legal) merchandise with player image on them requires either an individual agreement with said player, or a licensing agreement through the union.
Ya, precisely, and some major differences from the music/entertainment sectors, though so too some similarities, parallels. According to Forbes, their isnt a single NHL hockey player breaking into the Top 100 (sports only, combining annual contracts with endorsement deals) in earnings, the highest ranking being Sidney Crosby with about $4M over & above his annual salary of app $8M+. Deals with Reebok, Tim Hortons, Bell Canada & Gatorade, along with a longer standing & fairly lucrative one he & his parents signed when he was only 16 with memorabilia giant Frameworth. Ovechkin ranks 2nd (Nike, Gatorade again, Bauer, Verizon, Capital One), a few others, Toews & Malkin doing well enough in that department but tadpoles in the pond really. The similarities to the music or entertainment sectors are many. Residual earnings on merchandising premiums, a % of sales product specific, %'s based on frequencies with respect to commercial's airing in which one appears or a likeness thereof if they didnt opt for a buyout rather than residuals, appearance fee's including any number of ryders in those contracts that would cover everything & anything from ground & air transportation to levels of accommodation etc etc etc...

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