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Originally Posted by Sunking278 View Post
First off, you're right, the provincialism is really getting annoying. However, to your point about fans in certain cities wanting to see Crosby come to town ... BULL! This is not the NBA, fans do not pay to see stars, they pay to see teams! And when has Crosby or Ovenchin (however the hell the guy's name is spelled) ever been any sort of draw outside their own markets? Neither one of them are Wayne Gretzky, no matter how hard everyone tries to make it so (and even Gretzky had a great supporting cast during his Edmonton years, he didn't do it all alone.) Come on, some of the oft-repeated arguments around this whole re-alignment issue that are accepted almost as gospel are just painfully absurd. Like the notion two teams can't be rivals if they don't play one-hundred million times a year. Does the earth come off its axis if, say, Montreal and Boston no longer play in the same division? What does it say about the financial strength of most franchises when they are, at least according to most of you, completely dependent on who their opponents are on a nightly basis!? How about the notion that anybody is actually put out by their teams having to visit the West Coast a few times a year? Do we hear NBA/MLB teams & fans whining about this? Both leagues have far more travel as is. And, finally, there is no more need for any debate on this subject: JUST MOVE NASHVILLE to the Southeast, and then jumble around Vancouver, Dallas, and Winnipeg in the West. All that needs to be done, and let anyone who isn't satisfied moan until they're blue in the face. Ideally, of course, we'd have a setup like MLB and the NFL, and everyone would have to share the 'burden,' but everyone would just whine about that, too. This is a business, not the personal plaything of a small handful of teams on the East Coast and their entitled fans! The ignorance of this shown by almost everyone who has posted in this thread is stunning, but go ahead, flame away, tell me how wrong I am, since most of you are, apparently, such know-it-alls ...
You have been saying the same thing for 3 days. When was the last time we had an inter-conference rivalry? Maybe Isles-Oilers in the early and mid 80s? Even inter-division rivalries come and go. The Wings-Avs was strong and now it is dead. The Wings-Hawks is strong even with the Hawks being down for a while. Pens-Caps today? Yeah, but that started as a division rivalry, then through sheer luck they still wound up playing in the play-offs a bunch of years even when they re-aligned in 98. Now, it is hyped for Crosby-Ovechkin. Name another inter-division rivalry that is strong year in and year out. You can't because there are none.

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