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02-26-2013, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
I think part of it is proximity. I have seen the Rangers in every arena in the northeast except Buffalo. Been to montreal twice, toronto, ottawa twice, boston three times, washington, philly about 10-15 times, pitt 7 or 8 times, carolina, florida twice, detroit, plus lots of visits to LI and NJ. I have noticed more visiting fans showing up in lots of arenas. With stubhub it is easy to get tickets. From my house I can get to Boston, Philly, Washington, Pittsburgh, Montreal, and ottawa, all less than 7 hours. Most less than 5. Plus, you can find hotel rooms for cheap, if you are a miles-***** like me, you can get flights for cheap or free. I think having opposing fans adds to the atmosphere. The back and forth between the fans, makes those games more entertaining. Plus, you just feel the game is more important when it is against a team for which you are competing in the standings. If you tell me the next 4 rangers games are edm, cgy, bos, and pit and you see in your crystal ball they are going to win 2 and lose 2, I would rather lose the games against edm and cgy.
There are regular season games I have attended that I will tell my grandchildren about.. not a single one was vs. a western conference team.

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