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02-26-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
Hey I don't care and I'm not even Brit but just get the pads down. Give kids ice time. Maybe even some non coached time. Throw the sticks at centre ice pick teams, let them learn to dangle, spin-a-rama, toe drag. flash the glove all for fun instead of the pressure of winning.
Slovenia has under 1000 players and 7 indoor rinks but yet made the Olympics. Do you think natural ice and kids just gaining confidence buy playing shiny has anything to do with it?
Yes coaching is important but give the kids some time to fck around and be individuals (they'll police themselves) and you can't do that if there's no ice time.
Did Jonathan Drouin learn this from a coach or from fcking around with his buddies all day?
You're dreaming, they'll just give that ice time to the figure skaters. The only ice available for pickup hockey is after midnight. It's probably illegal to let them on the ice without a coach anyway.
Slovenia is a nation of sportsmen, they have a massive winter sports culture and are actually given funding. We are a nation of couch potatoes, nearly all our Olympic medals came from events where the athlete is sitting down.

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