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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
I apologize. OHLTG is an easy target because of his entrenched views. He's still waiting outside WFCU to buy playoff tickets for 2013 I think.
Haha, I never wait in line for that stuff. I wait until the last min then pick it up. Perks of seasons tickets

How about in the offseason going out and getting Schoenmakers and Clark?
Clark had 12 goals last year and is more of a pitbull in a china-shop guy than an one-dimensional enforcer. Schoenmakers had 50 points the year before with 10 fights. Not exactly a "tough guy."

Verbeek had 20 goals in 27 games for Lambton AAA. He wasn't brought in for fighting.

Studnicka is NOT a fighter, despite his 6.5 fights. He's more of a defensive forward who goes on occasion. Frankly, I didn't even know he was at 6-7 fights so far. I doubt he was brought in for that purpose, either. I will agree, though, that he hasn't really shown a distinct purpose so far.

How can almost half of your top 6 forwards provide those numbers and not think the organization values toughness more than goal scoring ability, play making ability or ability to put pressure on the opposition? Three of those guys have eligibility for next year as well.
Who out of the guys you mentioned is a Top 6 forward?

Schoenmakers was maybe second line, but more likely third or fourth line; Clark is easily third or fourth line (played higher if no choice); Bilcke is third or fourth, Studnicka is fourth; Verbeek is fourth. There's not a top 6 forward in that bunch, when the lines are full. You need sandpaper guys in your bottom six, though. Maybe not as many as we have, I'll give you that, but you need them.

The styles of Bilcke and Ryan. Well one got drafted and was playing in the AHL when he was 20 and 21. Bilcke was skipped over his draft year. He could be a free agent pick up but obviously an NHL team valued Ryan more than Bilcke.
Completely different styles, though. Ryan is a defensive, two-way grinding forward who fights if needed. Bilcke is more the Colton Orr type, where he'll go anyone and chip in offensively when he can.

Bilcke and Clark are redundant to me and I don't see the reason why you have 2 of them. If it's because of the fight quota then that is silly keeping a guy around so a guy won't get in many fights.
A few reasons...

Keeping the target off Bilcke's back, having a 12-goal scorer on the team, and veteran leadership. The fight quota stuff isn't silly if you look at it from another viewpoint. Last season, you had Bilcke doing the majority of the fighting with Bowen going when he could. With the reduced fight rule, Bilcke can't go every time if he needs to. You bring in an experienced guy like Clark, who can chip in a few points, too, and now you've got a guy to help Bilcke out when needed. Clark might not be able to go the monsters of the league, but he can hold his own and defend teammates against just about about anyone.

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