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02-26-2013, 03:25 PM
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Something I've been thinking after the realignment came out today (yea I know there's a thread on this), but I was thinking this as it pertains to the Yotes being on the schedule what/how ect with relocation.

Here goes a really loopy idea/speculation:

Apparently this new re-alignment (this is Yotes related, bear with me!) is set for just next 3 years according to Friedman, so here's my consipiracy theory number 4564:

Bettman/NHL talking to Quebcor and asking this: "You want a team in QC, that's fine-do want one now or possibly in 3 years with expansion. If you want one NOW, fine, you can buy the team and relocate, HOWEVER-you're team will Pacific division for the next 3 years-ergo we are NOT going to change the Yotes current location, you will take the Yotes location the way Winnipeg did with Atlanta. (And yes travelwise that would be nuts, but how BAD does Quebecor want it?)

OR, you can be nice, wait for an expansion, and and we'll do some finagling around with the teams to make sure you end up in the soon to be "Central" division."

If they wait for expansion, then I don't know what happens to the Yotes-however a team moved to SEATTLE wouldn't have to change a thing, though I don't know where they would play.

Just wondering if Bettman/NHL has quietly given that little ultimatum to QC-which would you rather have: be in the NHL NOW, and play in the "Pacific" and all that entails, or wait 3 years when I suspect expansion will happen and you get to be assigned to where Montreal et al will be?

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