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02-26-2013, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
But he didn't!

He was NOT an outlier!

Do you take out all of Jari Kurri's seasons when he played with Gretzky?

All of Paul Coffey's?

Kevin Stevens?

Where does it end?

Who decides?

I actually agree that as their are more teams, and outside other influences like war etc, their should be more players acknowledged.

However, my definition of a system is not one that you go picking through each year to make it look like you think it should.

Whatever is arrived upon should function well enough without any influence from the user and be as consistent as possible.
1.*** Yes, Stevens, Kurri and Coffey are outliers when they finished top-3 in scoring as a result of being on the ice with a generational talent for the majority of the season. That should be obvious.
2.*** There is absolutely no way for there to not be “influence from the user”. Otherwise we would just blindly use #2 every year as the standard and not think of each season as an individual closed system. We all know that there are a lot of seasons where that would make absolutely no sense. The individual nuances and tweaks that I, and others, have added, get us closer to a useable shorthand system, not further away. It’s obvious that tweaks are required. The only question is which tweaks get us closer.

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