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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
It is a bit strange for Tippett to not renew, because coaching jobs are few and far between when compared to player jobs. By that I mean the players may question where they live and as a result my wait before signing a contract, but to me, coaches want to coach regardless of where it is. And say the team does move to QC and the new owners don't want Tippet... wouldn't it be in his best interest to sign an extension now for a few years to guarantee his money. Signing a deal and then getting removed by new ownership is better than not signing a new deal and then getting removed.

Or we are reading this all wrong and it's not Tippet that doesn't want a new contract, but it's the NHL not offering him a new contract... The NHL knows the team is moving to QC and the NHL knows the new owners do not want Tippett, so the new owners have told the NHL to not sign him. They don't want to pay for his contract when they are going to remove him right away.
I think the latter explanation is closest to the truth! Coaches with a reputation like Tippetts are usually in high demand, all the more reason why the NHL would want to tie him up! That is unless, GB knows now, that the team is moving to QC and they will be looking for a French-Canadian coach. I have heard that if the team were to go to QC, that would not be a preferred destination for Tip. That said, perhaps both sides have agreed to see where the team may go, or if the team may go? To your first point , what harm does it do Tippett if he signs a renegotiated deal to stay in PHX, or with an opt out if the team relocates?

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