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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Just wondering if Bettman/NHL has quietly given that little ultimatum to QC-which would you rather have: be in the NHL NOW, and play in the "Pacific" and all that entails, or wait 3 years when I suspect expansion will happen and you get to be assigned to where Montreal et al will be?
Ya, I dont know TL, but it just seems implausible logistically, from an executional standpoint to sell the team to Seattle upon conclusion of this season and then expect them to turn it all around and on a dime? Quebec strikes me as being the only destination where that could be accomplished successfully.

Winnipeg had to go flat-out from the end of May to October after acquiring the Thrashers, and they had an AHL infrastructure and by that time game-ready arena pretty much ready to go. Im pretty sure Seattle gets its wish, an NBA franchise, step one, but to include what will be effectively a full-on expansion team along with?

And playing at Key, thats seriously problematical IMO. Still, with an $80M "top up" (if Hansen lands an NHL franchise as well as an NBA team Seattle kicks in $80M more to defray construction costs) awaiting any ownership group from the city, anythings possible.

Absolutely no idea what the NHL's thinking here, what they'll do. Both QC & Seattle have pluses & minuses, be it relocation or expansion, however if true the NHL has absolutely no plans to expand, as in absolutely not, then maybe Hamilton or Markhams in play as well. Maximum relocation & indemnification fee's charged. Im at a loss, just an exercise in futility trying to figure that lot out.

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