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02-26-2013, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
Part I don't like about Nash or Heatley's trade requests is THEY control where they go due to their NMC.

If you ask to be traded, imo, you should give up the rights to the NMC agreement. The team added it as a safeguard for the player, so team couldn't move them without their agreement. But if the player wants to be moved, boo hoo, go to wherever we send you. I hate the, I won't play for you, or that team, or that team. Bites.
I thought the point of a player having a NMC was so that they could control their own future. Some players have families that probably don't want to be forced to move to places they don't want to move to, so there's one good reason why a player might do this. The team agrees to this, so where is the problem exactly? If the team doesn't want this to possibly happen down the road, guess they shouldn't agree to those terms. Just because they're paid the big bucks, doesn't mean they should be treated like cattle.

If a player is having a bad enough time playing for a team that they have to ask to be moved, then it's not just the player that didn't live up to their end of the bargain in my opinion.

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