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02-26-2013, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by dotcommunism View Post
And why do you feel that people have this responsibility to cheer if they go to games? This is getting awfully close to "true fan" BS. Also, what's an acceptable level of cheering/not-cheering? At what point have I met the necessary cheering quota?
Because I do. Watching a group of 16,000 fans sit there in silence is really depressing and awkward. Ask anybody who has played hockey whether they'd rather play in front of an energetic, noisy crowd who cheers them on or thousands of people being dead silent.

Ask those guys if it matters. They play in front of 5-10 relatives in an empty, silent rink most nights of their lives.

Nobody said anything about an arbitrary amount of "cheering" you should do, but if the only time you cheer the team on is when you're reacting to a goal for then you're not doing enough.

The fact that I have to explain to hockey fans that fan atmosphere matters and is important absolutely blows my mind.

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