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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
As long as some of us are around, no one will ever forget.... And if I had the cash to do so, I'd be putting a team there in the next expansion cycle. It'll work; the issues involving Atlanta were entirely ownership-related.
Yes, I completely agree. Gone but not forgotten. In fact, I still think Atlanta every time I see a Calgary jersey or hear "Flames". That move right there back in 1980 should never have been permitted to have taken place, Calgary entering via Expansion. Legendary actor Glenn Ford along with a number of investors offering fair market value, enthusiasm, honourable intent. Thats twice now the NHL's failed in a virtual no-brainer market, broken its covenants with not only the fans in Georgia & the throughout the south but with right thinking fans everywhere else as well.

Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Then it all unraveled...
It was deliberate, malicious, deceitful. ASG had absolutely no interest in the Thrashers. Red headed stepchild they didnt want that came with the other goodies.

Originally Posted by Crease View Post
On a similar note, if the Coyotes relocate to Quebec City, what happens to Doan's legacy.
Probably have an arena in Scottsdale or elsewhere in Phoenix named after him; display case setup at Glendale arena. If the team does wind up in Quebec or elsewhere I think he may well play out his contract somewhere else but his home is in Arizona, returning thereafter. Sunk some deep roots in the community.

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