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02-26-2013, 05:24 PM
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Thank You Matt Gledhill; HFNHL Changes Ahead...

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Matt Gledhill, our Commish and Anaheim GM, has resigned from the HFNHL dues to ongoing health issues.

We are very disappointed to lose Matt as he’s a friend of ours and he is much loved by those who’ve participated in the league. For over a decade Matt been a great leader for our group. He’s made the tough decisions and fought to keep the league alive through a couple lock-outs.

As a GM, I think Matt’s team is evidence enough of his excellence, with the Presidents Trophy as recently as last season.

I think it is appropriate to quote from Matt’s resignation – as his sentiment is something that none of us should ignore.

Originally Posted by Commish
I have so much respect for so many of you, and I thank you for all of your friendship this past decade plus.

We've had some really good times.

If I could offer a word of advice - keep yourself and your kids safe. We, too often, feel invincible, and we don't take stock of how fragile our situations really are. And please don't take this to mean "safe" in a post-9/11, zombie apocalypse sense. I'm just saying, if you don't already own disability insurance, fix that ASAP. ;-)
Matt has expressed his thanks to everyone and I hope that in the next few days everyone takes some time to express his own thanks (although if you email please be patient with a reply.)

We’ll miss you Matt and I am happy that you’ve expressed that you will continue to be around the league.

The admin team will announce the changes in our leadership in the next few days and the new Commish will have the difficult task of finding a new Anaheim GM. Thanks for your patience, if you could keep speculations for the moment on these topics it would be appreciated.

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