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02-26-2013, 04:36 PM
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we coach 5-6 year olds and we dont keep score.....officially. as coaches we do, and we analyze what parts fo the game they got scored against. then in practice we work on individual skills to help them better handle the situation.

ex we noticed the kids in our zone were just firing the puck up the board into a crowd and then getting pinned.

so the next practice we worked on passing to an open player. in reality we would try to get them to d to d pass or ice it. but instead we did a drill where we had one kid in the corner trying to pass to a player on the blue line. then we set up pilons and had 3 kids in teh pilons 1-4' off the boards acting and the "bees" they jsut skated around and made sure no passes could get through. at first we dont let the kid at the blueline move so the pass is a fail everytime. then after each kid got a couple go's being the passer/[passee and bees we let the passee move. it didnt take long for the kids to realize to look for open guys.

in the end the kids started looking for open guys instead of clapping it up the boards which. but we never taught them any kind of system play because in my mind thats wrong. I like to think that other coaches of the same age groups are doing the same things. coaching to win before the kids are playing AA/AAA bantam is meaningless to me. At the same time the kids still need that competitive fire and drive to try when they are competeing, breeding a generation of kids who dont care would be disasterous for the game itself.

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