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Originally Posted by yakitate304 View Post
Firefly is a short series (1 season and a movie) that has great characters and better writing. It's set in a sci-fi universe but it's not over the top with aliens, blasters, lasers, and other sci-fi fallbacks. The thing that's great about the show is that the sci-fi elements are simply elements of an otherwise very human set of stories.

Cowboy Bebop is one of the few anime pieces that I appreciate. It has incredible style and fantastic characters. It's an episodic show - each episode tells a different story that allows the characters to develop naturally rather than within the forced context of a season long plot. There is still an overarching storyline, but it's not the type of "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z" type of story.
Seen the Firefly movie, which I thought was surprisingly good. Had no idea at the time that there was a series before it and it was actually made by Wheadon (spelling?). It's on my list, haven't been able to watch it quite yet but will definitely do so when I have the time. Only heard good things about it.

Finally started watching Cowboy Bebop, been meaning to for a while now after I saw Spirited Away and some of Miyazaki's other movies. Fantastic so far and I agree with everything you said about the series. The soundtrack is a huge plus too!

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