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02-26-2013, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Guru Meditation View Post
I think the fans have become paranoid to lose players. At one point, Scott Stevens was a clean player (despite ending careers elbowing people in the face) and a great guy. That was before the concussion epidemic. Today, Kronwall DOESN'T hurt guys like that and he's a villain because how DARE he hit my team's player! Hits can cause concussions, and I don't want my players to get concussed.

The fans are so terrified to lose players that they'd throw out the physical side of the game entirely.
UNLESS ... it is their team throwing the hit! Quite the predicament. As a Wings fan, I expect our team to get bullied a bit and only now with Tootoo on the team expect anyone to stand up for the rest of the crew. I guess Bertuzzi and Ericsson could drop the gloves as well, but oh well. Hitting is part of the game. It won't ever go away and to see so many people cry bloody murder after every big clean hit is so, so sad. For example: Brad Stuart on Gabby Landeskog.

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