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02-26-2013, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
I usually play a short stick... but for fun I took my buddy's ST out which he has at almost eyelevel in length w/o skates and at the mouth with skates

its the same flex, same stick, just a different blade (iggy vs sakic)
85 flex, and to me... it feels like a whip

unlike my "cut down" stick, it also seems so much more forgiving (maybe the blade) but I can load on one-timer whether the pass is in the proper spot, out in front or way behind me... where with my stick I have to hit to right on the heel and it needs to be in the sweet spot lining up with or just in front of my front skate to load great

man its fun, but I do prefer dangling with a shorter stick... @ 85 cut down to my collar bone, I'll bet I'm using something close to 110
like you i also love shorter sticks, any SR size stick you get cut down is into the 100's easily. earlier this year i bought a 75 flex intermediate stick which i cut 1.5" off of instead of the usualy 8". it made a huge difference, still have the short stick but the puck flies off it now.

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