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02-26-2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by anleva View Post
I like being in the midwest division better both from a time zone/tv perspective and I think the teams in the midwest set up for better potential and more interesting rivalries.

It this unbalanced intial set up was done with an eye toward future expansion of two more teams (1 in the Pacific division and 1 in the Midwest) I wonder who would be the most likely potential teams (assuming they don't want to just move everyone around again after expanding with teams in the East).

For the Pacific: Seattle? Portland? Las Vegas?

For the Midwest: Milwaukee? Kansas City? Indianapolis?

I think Seattle and Milwaukee would be great additions, seems like there would be alot of support for hockey in those two cities.
I guess Houston is possible, but I think the lease of the arena only allows the guy that owns the Rockets to own a NHL team.

Portland is all about Paul Allen.

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