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02-26-2013, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Rick Rypien Farts View Post
I heard everyone rave that way about Gudbranson.

Also, I disagree with you about having holes in his game. The only hole might be his offensive production. He's not dominating the WHL with goals or assists. So, I think it's fair to say there's limited offensive potential since we're not seeing it a lot in juniors.

I'm not sure how smart it would be to choose another defenseman in the first round. ANOTHER ONE.. in consecutive years.

DT hasn't brought in the big fish in FA yet. It's unlikely that will bring Perry or Getzlaf over here. We need offensive studs and we need 'em badly since we have only one (not a stud yet, but with great potential).

Huberdeau and then what? Bjugstad?

Drouin or MacKinnon could help round out our offensive future. I prefer Mac over Drouin. But if we're faced with Drouin or Jones.. I'm just not sure if picking the d-man would be the right decision. Remember our past defesive studs. Bouwmeester.. Still hasn't seen the playoffs. We shouldn't make the same mistake.
I don't think anyone here raved that way about Gudbranson. He wasn't as good a skater as Jones is and wasn't nearly as good offensively. Gud was drafted with the knowledge that his offensive game was very raw, but that he had a lot of upside. Jones is the complete package. With his skillset, his potential is virtually limitless.

How can you say that Jones isn't dominating offensively? He has 10G, 37A, 47 P in 53 games! Nearly a PPG in the CHL for a defenseman in his draft year is terrific.

I don't care about taking another d-man in the first round in consecutive years if that d-man is Jones. He could become a top 5 d-man. I would take that every day, regardless of our prospect pool. We could deal with trading some of our defensive pieces for offense at a later date. I would easily take Jones over any of our current d-men in a split second.

Your argument is based on the assumption that Drouin and Jones will both become good NHL players, however Jones is the only sure thing. Drouin isn't, that's the wrench in the equation. That's why I take Jones, because he's a surefire stud.

In hindsight, Bouwmeester doesn't hold a candle to Jones, because he did not have a mean streak at all, and in fact is timid. Jones is a much more intense hockey player and comparing the two side by side today one would project Jones to reach his potential over Bouwmeester. And just because Bouwmeester didn't work out, that doesn't really mean anything. You can flip the argument around for forwards just as easily. Horton was supposed to be Cam Neely, Weiss was supposed to be Yzerman lite, Olesz was supposed to be Jagr lite, Frolik was supposed to be Elias.

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