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Originally Posted by QuizGuy66 View Post
The 7-team divisions can't have each team playing exactly 29 division games. 7 times 29 = 203. Somebody at the NHL failed basic math.

My guess is they go to 30 divisional games in the western conference divisions (play each team 5 times) and then play 6 of the teams in the other division 3 times each and play 1 of the teams in the other division 2 times (a total of 20 games).

Yeah it can't work. Basically, play each team 5 times except for one you will only play four.

So, let's look at the Central. St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas, Winnipeg, Colorado, Nashville.

Let's say St. Louis and Chicago only play 4 times. Fine.
Minnesota and Dallas only play 4 times. Fine.
Winnipeg and Colorado only play 4 times, Fine.
Well, that means all 6 of those teams are playing Nashville 5 times, so Nashville is playing 30 games in the division.

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