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02-26-2013, 04:51 PM
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So the question is why? Why are professional coaches and management and a GM who loves Philly guys giving up on Gagne? One reason could be Gagne plays scared does not go to the scoring areas anymore and would rather stay to the outside and pass. He does not check, create space for teammates, or is strong along the boards. Nothing pisses of a coach more than a player who floats unless your scoring a bunch of goals. Penner is like a running game in football he wears opponents down. Just trying to deal with Penner for the 15 min he plays gets you tired were Gagne is an easy defend. Kings rely on big guys wearing the opponent down and Penner is better suited than Gagne.

Gagne for sure has better skill but for this team Penner fits better. Am I a Penner fan no not really but I know what the team wants from him. If he's not controlling the puck down low or causing havoc in the dirty areas he won't play either.

Just look at Lewis why does he play over Gagne? Lewis has hands of stone but he is an energy guy, checks, goes to the dirty areas, fore-checks like a madman and until recently put up zero points. But coaches know what this type of player brings to the game. Coaches hate 7-5 games they like 3-1 games and to many skilled guys that are easy to play.

As Herb Brooks said "I'm not looking for the best players, I'm looking for the right ones"
I don't disregard your logic. I use the same when discussing Hickey with Kingsfan. That the Kings value size above all else, and therefore they believe keeping Muzzin is more essential than keeping Hickey.

I just disagree in this sense at the forward position. I think we are overvaluing size all round. We are already one of the biggest teams in the league, and I don't think, in this case, we should be giving up production for size. Gagne is twice as productive as Penner, and it might be worth foregoing a little size for production here or there.

The "right" players are subjective, and distracting to our relative goal. We've all voiced similar opinions over the years looking for a goal scorer. Needing a little bit more skill over being a perfect Lombardian role player.

how many goals/points did he have in a Kings uniform? He wasnt very successful out here, im happier with Penner. Think a 4th is kinda low for him but if it turns into a 3rd that wouldnt be too bad.
Gagne = 45 GP 7G 22P +1
Penner = 94 GP 10G 26P -8

Gagne produces the same in nearly half the games. He is twice as productive.


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