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Originally Posted by eww7633 View Post
Have a pair of Reebok 5ks, 2010 I believe. I do like the skate but my right foot is much wider than my left (and also a half size bigger). This causes my right foot great pain while playing. I'm thinking of getting a pair of CCM u+ 12s or CLs in an E width. Does anyone know an online shop that will sell two different size skates? I saw one but forgot who it was. And as far as size, should I stick with a nine even though my right toes are a bit smushed in the cap, or should I get a 9.5 and have my left skate be a bit bigger on that foot?
No shop will sell you a pair in different sizes, unless there is the extremely rare circumstance that they have a mismatched pair in your model, width and size lol, or some other unnatural circumstance. If you come across this site, post the link, I'm curious lol. If you have the money, consider custom skates. Having too much room can be more detrimental than having too little. I would say look at the 9 and allow that boot to break in, giving you more space up front.

Originally Posted by MJAYK View Post
Because i tried out the NXG's and they felt great. I can't deal with a narrower boot. My feet hate CCM's for some reason, even you said in your starting post that they were similar to Supreme's.
Cool, I think that they are similar in certain aspects, but that is all dependent on the individual. Like you, I fit decently in the NXGs but feel all kinds of awkward pressure points in the CCM.

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