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Originally Posted by Astraphobia Catalyst View Post
Jericho and Ziggler already had a match for the briefcase. Jericho lost and was fired.
I think that a match with them would be good but they already had that as a stipulation, although creative might assume we have already forgot that and as long as no one mentions it it will seem fresh just like Rock and Cena who have never had a high profile match before.
Why do people think that WWE is going to ignore that Rock and Cena have wrestled before? The build to this match will be based on the fact that The Rock already beat Cena.

-Rock vs. Cena - WWE Title - Cena wins with the STF.

-Del Rio vs. Swagger - World Title - Del Rio wins, Ziggler cashes in.

-CM Punk vs. Undertaker - Taker wins but they gotta make CM Punk look strong.

-Lesnar vs. HHH - No DQ match - Lesnar wins

-Barrett vs. Sheamus - IC title. - Barrett wins

-Team Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars vs. Mysterio/Sin Cara vs. R-Truth/Kingston - Tag Titles - Mysterio/Sin Cara win. Team Hell No officially splits.

-Jericho vs. Mark Henry - Henry wins clean

-Cesaro vs. Miz vs. Christian vs. Ziggler vs. Big Show - Championship Scramble - US Title - Ziggler wins. At the end of the night, he is both the World and US Champion. This is a step down for Big Show but I don't know where he can fit on this card.

-Shield vs. Orton/Ryback/Khali - Shield wins, Orton or Ryback turns heel.

-Some divas match

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