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Originally Posted by Darth Joker View Post
Yes, and only one of those guys was a core contributor on their Stanley Cup winning team last year.

Yeah I know

Besides, we ourselves already have a "5" (Carey Price) and a "3" (Alex Galchenyuk).

And don't you love them? Me yes, if we made the playoff the years before those drafts, we wouldn't be having Price and Chucky today. The fans back then suffered for us today.

You make it sound like it's bad for Habs fans to be pleased over where we are now...

Do you really think that we Habs fans shouldn't be pleased over where we are now?

That's not what I mean. What I meant was, if we didn't suck and draft low, we wouldn't have the chance to drool today. I'm not saying we shouldn't be drooling. Sorry for confusing.

Just because you get a top player through sucking one year doesn't mean a team should aim for that every year. At some point, even an officially rebuilding team should be aiming to turn it around and start winning again. The Habs are definitely at that point with us already having the Gallys, Subban, Patches, Eller, and Price.

Exactly. Shouldn't do that every year. I did say it's only for THIS year, then after this one, I want the Habs to make playoff for the next 20 years. Why this year?
1. Another top pick same age with Chenyuk so we have possibly two power in our team, like Kane/Toews, Crosby/Malkin, etc.
2. This is a short season.
3. Do it now or never. Instead of spreading the pain, just make it deep pain for once

Not to mention we already have 4 Top 60 picks in this year's draft anyway.

That's a bonus!

You guys who only care about the future, and don't care at all about the present, are never satisfied when it comes to future potential, are you?

Without a good PRESENT, there is no bright FUTURE.
My reply in BOLD. I'm not saying tank. I'm just saying I would prefer we somehow draft top 3 vs making the playoff.. THIS year.

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