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Originally Posted by J-D View Post
As usual, NewHabsArea puts too much stock into prospects. Kostitsyn will never take Ryder's spot, unless the latter gets too much $$$ from arbitration

And why tell me this wont happen??? Do you seriously think you know Kostitsyn the player better than I? I know what I saw when watching him a few times with the Bulldogs and about 12 games with the Habs where he was doing great... I remember a couple of games where he was easily one of our best fowards... This kid has huge skills thats so obvious and his all around game improved a big deal, enough to make the big team and become an important player for us... Do you already forgot his superb world championship? Didnt MMX reports convinced you a bit? This kid is about 22 years old, we didnt rush him, thats the only reason why he has basically no hype at the moment, some even think he will bust when he still is clealy one of the most skilled 2003 drafted kids... I put too much stock in our prospects??? Thats what everyone are saying for a long time about me, but who thought Plekanec and Higgins would have the kind of impact they had with us last year before the training camp start outside me and few other posters? I remember half of you that were willing to package Pleks in a trade for peanuts... So, Pleks faced Stall's line in playoffs, got 4 pts in 6 games and had even the edge over him during the serie.. I watched the rest of the playoffs and never Stall faced a better line than the Pleks one... So I guess Pleks played over his head cause our vets sucked big time??? Did you watch the same playoffs as me? Cause Perezhogin was quite beautiful to watch doing everything pretty well, he was solid creating several scoring chances all the serie long against a great hockey machine? Again, do you seriously think you know Perezhogin the player better than I? I watched this kid as much as I could in the past, I know what he can do when playing with confidence

The key IS NOT our emerging kids, because Perezhogin, Plekanec and Higgins are not superstars in the making, that is plain obvious. Undoubtedly, they were important in their role (save for Perezhogin who got a well-deserved break in the AHL), but the problem is that sometimes they were playing better than our highest-paid players. That, however, is a testament to how bad Koivu and Kovalev played during stretches.

LOL.. I cant desagree more, you are quite beside the track if you think the kids you named arent better hockey players than some of our vets... Pleks is a better hockey player than Ribeiro, can be a solid second line center in this league if given the chance to... A Samsonov Plekanec Kovalev line would be way better than a Sammy Ribs Kovy one... Higgins is a much more solid hockey player than guys like Bulis, Sundstrom, Zednik, Ryder... Versatile player with a wonderful hockey sense and some pretty serious natural skills... Is Higgins a superstar in the making? Obviously no... Is Higgins the kind of player you will win with? Obviously yes... He has the skills to play on top lines, less offensive punch than some others but the hockey sense and work ethic to compensate... Even strength I rather have Chris Higgins in my team than a soft high risk player like Spezza, which one has superstar skills but no heart, no head. Is Perezhogin a superstar in the making? Doubtfully, he isnt Ovechkin, Gaborik, Iginla, Hossa... But I personally think he has the skills, hockey sense and charactere to become an above average first line winger, near the star status... Again, some superstars have all the skills of the world but their work ethic, 2-way game, attitude may affect the whole team... Im a big fan of Ilya Kovalchuk's skills but the guy will never be close the player Ovechkin already is... Ovechkin gets it all, top notch skills, top notch work ethic, smart player who understand very well what a team concept is... Wont put his team in trouble the way Kovalchuk does with regularity... I think Kostitsyn's upside is huge, he is the player that have the best chances to be considered a star IMO...

Barring trades, our lineup seems to be set in stone, especially the top 2 lines, and I don't see the kind of punch great teams, who contend for the President's Trophy year-in year-out, have.

Once again, Ribeiro will have to play his best hockey ever cause we have the depth to replace him properly... Ryder is another young player that could have a tough year, especially if Kostitsyn make the team as 14th foward... Grabovski could be closer to the NHL than what you think, Timmins said in an article I posted the other day that Grabov could be the darkhorse... Thats what we call depth... And we do have depth buddy!.
Do the Sabres have any all stars in their team? No... But they have a bunch of fast and highly skilled fowards.. About what the Habs line-up will look like next season... Our defensemans are better and more reliable... Isnt Kovalev a star in this league? With more help Kovalev should enjoy alot more playing here!

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