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02-26-2013, 05:46 PM
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1. Savages was awesome. I recently bought the Directors Cut which, from what I noticed on first watch-through, adds a cool scene involving BDT's family at a little-league baseball game(yells at son about playing baseball correctly, then berates his wife for letting their daughter dress like a slooty slu), adds a scene later on where the wife talks back to BDT and he smacks her around, and adds a third scene where John Travolta visits his bed-ridden wife in the hospital. It was a pretty sad/depressing scene.

Loved the movie. When I was at the theater with my buddy we were both in shock at the ending but gave eachother knucks and said it was good. Then the other stuff happens and we left shaking our heads that they did what they did.

2. Walking Dead is a fun show. 1st season was good, 1-1.5 was terrible, 1.5-2 was good, 2-2.5 was great, but 2.5 onwards so far has been a disappointment.

But I'll just say that I've read the comics up to the end of this arc, and if they follow it even loosely it will be a fantastic ending to the season. Add in some spoilers I read on another site, and I bet fans of the first season will be ****ing in their pants soon enough.

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