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02-26-2013, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by mooskating View Post
when there are at most 3-4 out of 21 players on any given night doing what they're supposed to be doing that's on the coaching staff. we all know these players have the skills to perform, but NONE of them has performed to par on a nightly basis.

that's a problem. the coach is in charge of all the players. if the coach can't get these proven players to perform that's on his staff and the leadership of this team. if the system isn't working and guys aren't buying it, it's time to adjust the system. the issue is not the team right now. it's mental and strategy.
I think you're scapegoating by blaming the coaching staff. If theres one thing where the fault lies mostly with the staff, its the powerplay. But the other parts of the game, including the system? No. If you buy into that, you're ignoring several outlying factors at play here which include no training camp, the high amount of turnover at forward, and players just simply off to a bad start.

Torts' system is not rocket science. In a nutshell, it revolves around playing hard, forechecking hard, winning battles, and playing responsible defensive hockey. These are tenants that shouldnt be altered or changed. Torts guided this team to its best finish in nearly 20 years. Hes put an end to the days where the inmates ran the asylum, and Im thankful for that. If players arent going to buy into his principles, they simply wont play, and thats fine with me.

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