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02-26-2013, 06:22 PM
It's finally over
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
But why, why would the NHL even care enough to re-sign him? He isnt the second coming of Toe Blake & Scotty Bowman all wrapped up in one. Coaches are Mercenaries. Hired to be fired. As dispensable as yesterdays pop song. He isnt free to negotiate with anyone until the end of the season, his contract expires, and by that time Id imagine the NHL figures it'll have resolved this matter one way or the other. Theres no need to re-sign him or anyone else for that matter. There just gonna play the string out, let the cards fall where they may with respect to team personnel. Casualties? So what? They'll all land on their feet somewhere.
Tippett is one of the winningest coaches since the lockout. I believe only Babcock is ahead of him at this point. Don Maloney is the grand architect, somehow fished out of New York to save the Coyotes. Those two, basically, turned this franchise around on the ice without the benefit of ownership. They are all-stars. The only reason a buyer would be interested in keeping the team in Phoenix is because those two would still be there and available to work their budget team magic.

They should be extended, with outs if there is a relocation.

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