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02-26-2013, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by CN_paladin View Post
Have you seen Cole play this year?
He just skates around without purpose and loses puck.
And it was one year! You don't throw an asset under the bus just cause he plays badly one year. He was one of the few power forwards we had.

You ever heard of cap space? The cap goes down too.

Bergy has a plan for the future and got us a cheaper and younger guy and a 3rd pick.
Oh we have cap space, I guess people thinks we're gonna have Getzlav and Perry now! We're not.

The key with having cap space when you're the Habs is that you try to get guys like Cole cause you can't get the stars, they won't come here. I think signing Cole was smart cause he was the type of power forward we never had. Now he's had one bad shorten season and we throw him under the bus. I think he was still pretty important to our club cause he was giving his share of good hits.

Difference with Ryder is that when Cole has a lethargy, he can still be physical. When Ryder has a lethargy, he is uselss.

There's no question that Cole was old but I think he could have still be useful with us, esp. in the playoffs.

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